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The actual lens so the slide we’re going to change some settings so now let’s say your album is by so of course Album Proofing you’re going to want it to be your height and width to be identical so by a good size would be maybe you know by would be a thousand by a thousand but if your website is not a thousand pixels wide’s going to big so what I do is I actually do because it’s a pretty good size you can see the photo clearly and it’s it Album Proofing will be nice and big on the page so custom and then pick your size and then what I do is we’re going to turn the overlay off the overlay was that little share button at the top let me turn it back on so you can see what it was.

This so unless you want your client to UM to share the album with other people on on Facebook and twitter Album Proofing then you really want to hide Telegram it so for my example however i’m going to leave it on because i don’t mind if people share the example because then they see.they’re seeing what I’m doing to provide an album proof however if I was actually doing for a client I would turn that off the next thing I’m going to do is turn on a front cover I don’t want a back cover but I do want the front cover so.

And those don’t really seem to belie problems well except for James ghetto the damn point the problem is the title belt it’s gone since it was vacated I’ve had it kept under lock and key but tonight is gone missing it’s been stolen somebody’s stole.The World Heavyweight title what dot hold on what the hell so what does that mean Kirchhoff it means that with Business no title there can be no matchwood with no match there’s no main event and that means Wrestle mania which has been a fantastic show.